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University Medical Center Groningen

Medical Statistics and decision making


The development, improvement and dissemination of advanced statistical methodology as well as applications in clinical and epidemiological research.


The unit’s research activities focus on methods concerning statistical modeling and medical decision support. Emphasis is on longitudinal and time-to-event analyses, as well as on causal inference techniques. These are also central topics in the research programme Life Course Epidemiology.  Another research focus  is on decision analysis techniques to support benefit-risk assessments of medicines.

We feel responsible for the statistical education at the UMCG. In basic and advanced courses, we teach statistical methods to students and postgraduate students. In addition to methodological research and teaching, the unit collaborates with other units of the Department of Epidemiology, as well as with various clinical departments in the UMCG. In joint research projects we offer tailor-made statistics for medical research and provide statistical support in the design and analysis of clinical studies.

New Course 2019/2020

Help! Statistics! Lunch Lectures

Senior staff

Name Function/collaboration e-mail address Topic
Gerton Lunter Full Professor g.a.lunter Clinical Epidemiology
Hans Hillege Full Professor h.hillege Clinical Epidemiology
Sacha la Bastide Assistant professor Causal Inference
Hans Burgerhof Lecturer j.g.m.burgerhof Teaching; study design
Douwe Postmus Senior researcher d.postmus Medical decision making
Daan Reid Software engineer d.reid Evidence syntheses
Joris de Keijser Software developer
PhD fellows Collaboration
May Angsupaisal Developmental Neurology, Pediatrics The effect of specific support during sitting on reaching and grasping in children with cerebral palsy.
Merel van den Broek Medical Center Leeuwarden Outcomes after batriatic surgery
Tammo Brouwer Medical Center Leeuwarden Anesthesia
Yuntao Chen Advanced survival analysis techniques Advanced survival analysis techniques
Tessa Elling Hematology, UMCG t.elling

From Vitamin K antagonists to novel oral anticoagulants

Darlene Huisenga

Developmental Neurology, Pediatrics, UMCG

Developmental outcomes of infants born with severecongenital heart disorder

Jasper van Miert Hematology Optimal anticoagulation therapy
Darko Mitrovic Medical Center Leeuwarden

The use of novel oral anticoagulants in daily practice

Annette van Ojik Medical Center Leeuwarden In-hospital anticoagulation
Sonia Roldan Munoz Clinical pharmacy & pharmacology s.roldan.munoz Preference heterogenety in regulatory benefit-risk assessment

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