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Skin-inspired sensors show how our body moves

19 October 2021

Ajay Kottapalli and Debrarun Sengupta, scientists at ENTEG, have created wearable, stitchable, and sensitive sensors from flexible polymers and bundles of carbon fibre. Like our skin, these sensors respond to pressure and can measure body position and movement. They could be used to measure disease progress in Parkinson’s disease, or sense joint movement in athletes, for example. A description of these applications was presented in the Nature Partnership journal (npj) Flexible Electronics on 14 October. Want to know more? Check out this article from Science Linx: Skin inspired sensors show how our body moves

Reference: Debarun Sengupta, Joshua Romano & Ajay Giri Prakash Kottapalli: Electrospun bundled carbon nanofibers for skin-inspired tactile sensing, proprioception and gesture tracking applications. njp Flexible Electronics, 14 October 2021

Last modified:20 October 2021 09.59 a.m.

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