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Single and bundled carbon nanofibers as ultralightweight and flexible piezoresistive sensors

25 May 2020

ENTEG researcher Debarun Sengupta working under the supervision of Dr Ajay Kottapalli report the application of electrospun single and bundled carbon nanofibers (CNFs) as piezoresistive sensing elements in flexible and ultralightweight sensors. The work which is published in Nature research's npj Flexible Electronics journal establishes a facile method of developing highly sensitive, flexible, and ultralightweight piezoresistive sensors utilizing CNFs as the principal sensing elements for wearable electronics and sensors. The work was a part of a collaborative venture between Dr Ajay Kottapalli's group at ENTEG and Professor Chee Yee Kwok's group at the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

This link leads to the full paper:

single and bundled carbon nanofibers
single and bundled carbon nanofibers
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