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Peter Deuss appointed as Associate Professor in Catalytic Processing of Sustainable Resources

19 November 2021
Peter Deuss
Peter Deuss

We are glad to announce the appointment of Dr. Peter Deuss as Associate Professor in Catalytic Processing of Sustainable Resources. Deuss’ research focusses on the development of new integrated conversion technologies that meet sustainability requirement and apply green chemistry and technology principles. These include the use of novel catalytic conversion technologies using homo/heterogeneous and biocatalysis on renewable feedstock streams. His unique approach combines understanding of the chemical transformations at a fundamental molecular level as well as at the broader chemical process level positioned at the interface between chemistry and chemical engineering.

Peter Deuss completed his studies at the University of Amsterdam, NL and thereafter joined the group of Paul Kamer at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, UK as a PhD student working on bioinspired catalysis. He obtained his degree in 2011, moving on to work on bioconjugation technology development at the MRC UK, Laboratory of Molecular Biology Cambridge in the group of Mike Gait. In 2013, he moved to the University of Groningen where, after post-doctoral work in the groups of Katalin Barta and Erik Heeres working on the catalytic conversion of renewable resources to chemicals, he started in 2016 as a tenure track assistant professor in green and smart biomass processing at the chemical engineering department of the Engineering and Technology Institute Groningen.

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