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High school student project in collaboration with Chemical Engineering at University of Groningen

25 March 2020

Mart Deinum and Bram Elderman from Maartenscollege in Haren worked in collaboration with the University of Groningen for their final year VWO science project. They were supervised by Ph.D. student Afshin Dianatdar, Dr. Ranjita Bose and Prof. Cor Koning from ENTEG. Polymers are typically insulators, i.e do not conduct electricity. However certain polymers containing double bonds in ring-like chemical structures allow a conductive pathway for electrons. Mart and Bram used one such polymer (polyethylene dioxythiophene-polystyrene sulfonate) in a polyurethane matrix to achieve conductive films

High school student project in Chemical Engineering lab
High school student project in Chemical Engineering lab

In the spirit of good science communication and dissemination of their work, they posted their successful electrically conductive film as Youtube videos:
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