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ENTEG Researchers team up with Industrial Partners to Revolutionize PVC Recycling with JTF Funding

13 September 2023

Congratulations to ENTEG researchers Edita Jurak , Peter Deuss , Ranjita Bose , and Francesco Picchioni . Together with industrial partners from the Northern Regions*, they have secured a substantial Just Transition Fund (JTF) subsidy of 2.5 million euros to spearhead the development of a groundbreaking PVC recycling technology.

One of these industrial partners is Cescco2, a start-up that specializes in environmentally friendly PVC recycling. The primary objective of the consortium is to revolutionize PVC recycling through the pioneering use of supercritical CO2. While PVC stands as the third most widely used plastic globally by volume, the absence of efficient recycling technologies has been a persistent issue. Together, our researchers and Cescco2 are embarking on a mission to change this narrative. The core focus lies in repurposing PVC-containing materials (polyvinyl chloride) into high-value raw materials suitable for various applications. Through a meticulous process that separates PVC from solids, plasticizers, and non-usable components, supercritical CO2 acts as a green solvent that effectively removes additives without emitting harmful substances. This process, referred to as "upcycling," presents an exciting and environmentally conscious alternative to traditional recycling methods.

Extensive laboratory testing has shown promising results, and the next step is to further develop this technology in a pilot factory. If the pilot factory demonstrates the feasibility of large-scale PVC processing, Cescco2 will work towards establishing a full-scale facility. The exact location of this factory has yet to be determined, but it most likely will be within the JTF region, which includes the province of Groningen and the Emmen region stimulating new employment opportunities, and growth of the sustainable and eco-friendly industry.

We look forward to witnessing the transformative impact of this partnership as we work towards a greener and more prosperous future.

More information (dutch only) is on:

*The project has been applied for by Cessco2 B.V., in collaboration with the team from the University of Groningen, Prysmian Netherlands B.V., Deepgrooves BV. And Asqa BV

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