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The Engineering and Technology institute Groningen (ENTEG) maily contributes to the following degree programmes (bachelor and master level):

Industrial Engineering and Management: In this degree programme you learn to approach things from the perspective of the technology as well as the organization. Industrial Engineering and Management involves translating new technologies into usable solutions. You look beyond the technology. You analyse the problem, design a solution and consider the business aspects: finance, planning, logistics, people. A focus lies on how to find solutions to problems while taking on a technical and scientific design perspective.

Chemical Engineering: As a chemical engineer you deal with chemical processes on a major scale. Rather than studying reactions in a lab, you will be involved in chemical processes in factories or optimizing existing production processes. The fascinating thing about chemical engineering is that you're involved in developing new products but you're also thinking about the production process. A Chemical engineer is concerned with the entire development of a new product or processes, from A to Z.

You can find information about other engineering degree programmes of the University of Groningen at

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