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ENTEG governance and support

ENTEG is led by a scientific director and an educational director, who are both appointed by the Faculty Board. The scientific director of ENTEG represents the institute within the Faculty, the University, and on a national level, and serves as a point of contact for external connections on research. The educational director of ENTEG is in charge of supervising the educational activities of the staff, depending on the needs of the degree programmes and the competences and teaching tasks of the staff. Both directors report to the Faculty Board.

The directors are advised by the ENTEG Board, which primarily serves as a sounding board. The board meets once a month with the directors, scientific coordinator, and business coordinator to discuss ENTEG matters such as the directors' plans and strategy, faculty policies, the development of new positions, the findings of ENTEG subcommittees, the annual budget, personnel, graduate and undergraduate training, the institute's (inter-)national position, and funding opportunities. To involve and inform the chairs of research units that are not members of the Board, all PI receive an abridged version of the board meeting minutes.

A support office, consisting of a scientific coordinator, business coordinator, PhD coordinator, data engineer, HR-officer, and secretariat office, assists the directors and the institute as a whole.

Scientific director
Prof. B. Jayawardhana
Tel: +31 50 36 37156

Education director
Prof. G.J.W. Euverink
Tel: +31 50 36 39203

Board of ENTEG
The current Board of the institute comprises of Prof. P.P. Pescarmona (Chair), dr. P.D. Druetta, dr. A.O. Krushynska, Prof. J. Yue and Prof. N. Monshizadeh

ENTEG Coordinating Office
The Coordinating Office provides support for the Scientific Director, the Board, and various ad hoc committees.

  • F. Fokkens (secretary)
    Room: 5116.0126a
    Tel. +31 50 36 38493
  • D. Wind (business manager)
    Room: 5116.0126d
  • Dr. K.E. Voskamp (scientific coordinator)
    Room: 5117-101
    Tel. +31 50 36 34569
  • Dr. M. Nuzzolo (PhD coordinator)
    Room: 5116-126d
    Tel. +31 50 36 36367
  • F.D. Salverda (HR officer)
    Tel. +31 50 36 34951
  • Dr. B. Beycu (Data Engineer)
    Room: 5116-0126d

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