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CO2 Capture, transport and storage

In order to tackle the problem of climate change and reduce CO2 emissions, carbon capture and storage (CCS) represents an essential technology. Research performed during the CATO-2 programme will support the efforts of both government and industry to achieve major CO2 reduction. Read more on the CO2 Capture, transport and storage website.

Energy Delta Gas Research

The Energy Delta Gas Research (EDGaR), a Dutch research consortium of ten enterprises and research institutes, coordinates the realization of scientific, applied and technological researches on gas and sustainability. Participants to the consortium come from the industry — Gasunie, GasTerra, Kiwa, Enexis, Liander and Stedin — and scientific institutions — ECN, University of Groningen, Delft University of Technology and Hanze University of Applied Sciences. Read more on the Energy Delta Gas Research website.

Energy valley

The Energy Valley Foundation has been in existence since 2003 as a network organisation working together with public and private partners to explore regional growth opportunities in the energy sector. The institute acts as an intermediary to accelerate projects, promote knowledge sharing and strengthen the northern energy region. Read more on the Energy valley outro.

European Energy Research Alliance

EERA is an alliance of leading organizations in the field of energy research. The EERA aims to strengthen, expand and optimize the capabilies of European energy research, through the sharing of world-class national facilities in Europe and the joint realization of pan-European research programmes (EERA Joint Programmes). The primary focus of EERA is to accelerate the development of energy technologies to the point where they can be embedded in industry-driven research. Read more on the European Energy Research Alliance website.

The University of Groningen shares and supports the EERA's vision, mission and goals as stated in the following declarations:

  • Letter of intent (Relating to the participation of the University of Groningen in the EERA joint programme on Shale gas)
  • Declaration of Support (Relating to the partnership of the University of Groningen and the EERA)

European Platform of Universities Engaged in Energy Research

The European Platform of Universities Engaged in Energy Research (EPUE) aims at being the central meeting place in Europe for universities to share ideas for new research and education projects and find interested partners in the field of Energy. It aims to be a reference platform for companies and for other external partners in the sector seeking cooperation. It intends also to be a body that will strengthen the voice of the university sector in the energy European policy-making arena by reinforcing the dialogue with its universities. Read more on the European Platform of Universities Engaged in Energy Research website.

Hansa Energy Corridor

The Hansa Energy Corridor (HEC) is a collaboration between 8 partners located in Northern Netherlands and Northwest Germany, with the Dutch University of Groningen as lead partner. HEC is part of the EU funded INTERREG IV A programme and strives to develop an excellent energy region or in the HEC vision the "European Region of Excellence on Energy Transition". Read more on the Hansa Energy Corridor website.

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