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Research Energy Conversion

Powering AgriFood Grant for Prof. PV Aravind

08 November 2021
Prof. PV Aravind
Prof. PV Aravind

Prof. PV Aravind has been awarded with a grant of EUR 200,000 for the Powering Agrifood project.

The main focus will be on energy system opportunities in the agricultural and the food processing industries.

Powering AgriFood is a 2-year research project executed by the University of Groningen and AVANS UoAS scientists. All partners provide expertise on the system study or exploitation from the relevant perspectives.

At the Energy Conversion research group, in close collaboration with TU Delft, a postdoctoral researcher will be appointed for a period of 18-months.

Overview of the research activities

  • System study on how cutting-edge technologies can accelerate the energy transition in the agricultural value chains, with proper waste management. The variety of energy available (biomass, solar and wind power) and required (heat, power, fuel for agricultural vehicles and transport) creates a unique value in flexibility for the energy system, if efficient conversions between the streams are possible.

  • Demonstration of a biogas-powered solid oxide fuel cell (biogas-SOFC) at the Koningshoeven Abbey, where the trappist monks make the La Trappe beer. First of all, the research team will turn leftovers from the brewing process and the water treatment into electrical power and heat for the brewing process, but the technology is particularly flexible and will also allow the scientists investigate other operation modes, such as hydrogen production from flexible renewable energy sources, at various places in the agricultural value chain.

  • Eventual goal of the research team is to see how the technology can be successfully exploited to achieve access to clean energy in farmer cooperatives or agro-industrial sites at worldwide scale.

The project is completely financed by the project partners: New Energy Coalition, EBN, GasTerra, Gasunie, NAM, Royal Cosun, Koningshoeven Abbey, Delta Agrifood Business, Biosfera foundation, iRCB Ltd., Delft University of Technology, University of Groningen and AVANS University of Applied Sciences.

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