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About us FEB Research / FEB SOM Research Institute Research programme EEF Research

EEF Research

Director: Prof. Viola Angelini

The programme for Economics, Econometrics and Finance is a research platform for the scholars from the Department of Economics, Econometrics and Finance.

Economic analysis in the programme has a quantitative character and the use of economics and econometrics models forms the core of the research methodology. Members of the Institute conduct both theoretical and empirical research in various areas of economics and finance, in particular, microeconomics, macroeconomics, industrial organization, finance, econometrics, regional economics, and economic history.

The programme has a weekly seminar series where researchers from the programme as well as renowned guest speakers coming from all over the world present their work. In addition, the programme organizes workshops and conferences to help dissemination of new methods, theories and ideas.

Our research fellows participate in various leading teaching programs of the Faculty of Economics and Business, including the Research Master in Economics and Business, a challenging 2-year master program intended for students aiming at a Ph.D. in Economics, or at conducting research of the highest quality in various international organizations. Our students are taught the necessary tools to successfully use and analytical approach to address important economic puzzles.

Selection of most cited work

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Lensink R. and O. Morrisey, 2000, Aid Instability as a Measure of Uncertainly and the Positive Impact of Aid on Growth, Journal of Development Studies, 36-3, 31-49

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