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Project Management for PhD Students

Planning and structuring your PhD proves a challenging task for many students. Not being able to plan effectively for your (usually) four years of research often results in unexpected and unwanted delays. There are a number of courses available to help you learn how to organize your time and plan for your PhD project:

  • The Centre for Career Development & Training of the RUG organizes a number of general professional skills courses including one on 'Getting your PhD Done' (info).
  • The Groningen Graduate School of Science will also be offering a variety of 'transferable skills' courses (info).
  • The Research School BCN already organizes a course on 'Project Management for Scientific Research' where GELIFES PhD students can potentially participate (info).

In addition, two private trainers, Brigitte Hertz and Jeanine de Bruin, have recently published a book entitled 'Project Management for PhDs' (also available in Dutch: 'Klaar in vier jaar'). This book teaches you how to master your PhD in 4 years using the basic principles of project management. With the book also comes a freely accessible 'Online Planner' that allows you to 'build' your own project using cards that represent the various aspects of your PhD trajectory that you need to address. Check it out here.

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