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Examples of Studies

On this page you will find examples of previous research carried out by GAMMAdata & Consultancy. For further information about our research projects, please feel free to contact us.

Management & Reorganization Study (MOVeS)

The Department of Sociology in 2004, requested GAMMAdata & Consultancy to explore changes in 600 Dutch private companies and institutions. Those companies were contacted by GAMMAdata & Consultancy once more in 2006, together with other companies that had not been previously approached. The Management & Reorganization Study of 2006 included both more companies and more sectors: for example semi-governmental organizations, education institutions, health-care institutions and associations/societies. In this second study, 1700 directors, managers and other people with leading positions, were interviewed.

Social Cohesion in the Neighborhood

This study was part of the preparation for the “Law for Community Support” (in Dutch shortened as “WMO”) by the Dutch Ministry of Public Health, Well-being & Sports . Consultancy bureau DECIDE was responsible for the development of a social cohesion questionnaire and hired GAMMAdata & Consult in 2006 and 2007 for the collection of both telephonic interviews and face-to-face interviews. After completion of the social cohesion measurement, DECIDE hired GAMMAdata & Consultancy for similar research in the municipalities of Heerenveen (2008), Winschoten (2008) and Pekela (2009).

Barometer of the North

Commissioned by the newspaper ‘ Dagblad van het Noorden ’ (translation: Daily Journal of the North), GAMMAdata & Consultancy has developed an annual study since 2002, called the Barometer of the North. In this study we explore the wellbeing of inhabitants of the Dutch Northern provinces, as well as their opinions on various other topics. Several times the Barometer has been used for election polls research.

Neighborhood Vision Groningen

Hired by the public service for Spatial Planning and Economic Affairs of the municipality of Groningen , GAMMAdata & Consultancy has conducted research in 10 districts of the city of Groningen. During the years 2008 and 2009, around 1,000 interviews were collected. In addition, GAMMAdata & Consultancy analyzed the gathered data and conducted in-depth interviews with district professionals and entrepreneurs.

Arnhem Parents

In 2009 we have conducted research for A. Munniksma, MSc, a PhD student at the Interuniversity Center for Social Science Theory and Methodology. The study concerned the integration of youth in the city of Arnhem, youth who by the way were part of a larger, longitudinal study. The part of the study conducted by GAMMAdata & Consulatancy concerned youth with both Dutch and Turkish-Dutch backgrounds. Parents, preferbly mothers, were interviewed and Turkish interviewers were hired especially for this investigation.

Youth Sports Participation

In 2002 (pre-measurement), 2005 and 2009, GAMMAdata & Consult explored sports participation of young people in the municipality of Tynaarlo in the province of Drenthe. In this research project we looked into youth motives for sports participation, and the conclusions of this research were used to evaluate the policy on sports of the municipality.

Dorpsspiegel Opsterland

In 2005 and 2009 GAMMAdata & Consult was involved in a research project of the municipality of Opsterland . Quality of life, quality of facilities and satisfaction of inhabitants with the municipality were examined.

Interactive Policymaking

In cooperation with GAMMAdata & Consult, Anke Meijer wrote her master thesis about interactive policy processes in the municipality of Dongeradeel in 2006. The municipality of Dongeradeel had used three different interactive policy processes, and wanted these evaluated. Therefore Anke Meijer explored the actual interactivity and the surplus of these processes, compared to more standard policy processes.


In 2002 GAMMAdata & Consult carried out research concerning the management of waste matters by 300 inhabitants of the municipality of Noordenveld . GAMMAdata & Consult was responsible for completing the telephone interviews and analyzing and reporting the results of the research project. In October 2006 the research project in Noordenveld was repeated by GAMMAdata & Consult (the number of interviews were doubled in 2006).

Constantly Improving Coevorden

The municipality of Coevorden together with housing association Domesta , commissioned GAMMAdata & Consult to evaluate the improvement project of the district ‘Tuindorp’ in Coevorden. This research took place in 2006 and was carried out by Marleen Hazenberg, MSc, under supervision of GAMMAdata & Consult.

Neighbourhood & Cohesion

The influence of district construction on social cohesion was explored in this research project. In 2006, 500 telephone interviews were completed by GAMMAdata & Consult, assigned to us by a bureau for urban development.

Other research projects by GAMMAdata & Consult focused on

  • Re-employment projects for ex-employees
  • Health-care for drug addicts
  • Institutions for consultation of residents/occupants
  • Regional radio stations
  • Consequences of establishing asylum-seeking-centres for a existing communities and innovation of municipal services.
  • Innovation of munacipality public services
  • Societal participation of visually disabled elderly
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