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Research Laptops

The CLCG Research Lab owns a number of laptops which are intended to be used by CLCG members for experiments taking place in the CLCG Research Lab.

How can I make a reservation?

* Reservations for the use of a laptop are made via the CLCG Coordinator (clcg

* Reservations can be made for a half day or a full day. Reservations for longer periods are only granted in consultation with the CLCG coordinator.

* Reservations can be made only by CLCG members and PhD students who are supervised by a CLCG member

* Reservations are made for the purpose of an experiment in the CLCG Research Lab. The use of the laptop for, for instance, conference visits, is not allowed.

* The laptops are used in the Harmony Building. Use of a laptop on location must be motivated, and is allowed only after explicit permission by the CLCG coordinator

* Installation of software, changes to the configuration, and other changes to the laptop are not allowed. Discuss your needs with the CLCG coordinator.

Last modified:27 June 2019 1.47 p.m.