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CLCG Travel Grants

Travel funding

CLCG Travel grants for 2017

CLCG travel grant for staff in 2017 is € 1300,00

CLCG refunds its members conference- and research travels abroad and multiday conferences in the Netherlands (maximum of € 1300,00 in 2017). Costs that may be claimed: travel, local travel to and from airport, accommodation, conference registration. Apart from breakfast and conference dinner, food and drinks are for own expenses.

For one-day conferences in the Netherlands, you may sometimes receive a partial reimbursement from the cluster budget. This is not a rule, however, and depends on the circumstances. Please consult your degree programme coordinator Karin Mast,, in advance to check whether you are eligible for reimbursement of travel costs!

Travelling abroad for research or conference

Applying for foreign travel

When travelling abroad please complete a travel application form (BRA-form) prior to departure for 3 reasons:
a. The form is the formal permission for travelling abroad for work-related travel.
b. You'll need the form number and project code as reference for your booking: Travel and stay: foreign trips
c. The form is also your travel insurance for work-related travel: RUG travel insurance


  1. Complete the application (BRA) form (Claims Portal, option Foreign Trip>Application).
  2. Save the form to your computer and send (print or PDF) to Gorus van Oordt.
  3. Do not make arrangements until you've received back the signed form, approving the travel application.
  4. Your request is complete and you have permission to travel abroad. You can now start booking your trip through ATPI. (keep project code and BRA-number of the application form ready)
    a. If you're using ATPI for the first time, please create an e-profile: your customer file at ATPI (name, passportnr. etc). You cannot login with your RUG Pnr. or password.
    This is a one time operation only, but of course it's possible to change details later (when a new passport has been issued for instance). It might take up to 24 hours before your profile is active. Then:
    b. Book your trip using E-travel, the ATPI-section on the site for worldwide booking of flights: Amadeus. Use your e-profile username and password.
    c. Book your trip using the Travel request form. For questions on this form which are unclear such as: Payment? check "account" and for “How will this traveler pay?" check “invoice".


  • Booking flight through the university travel agency ATPI is mandatory. Failing to do so will lead to the claim being dismissed. See Travel and stay: foreign trips
  • All other components (accommodation, rail, car hire) abroad can now be booked by the traveller and these expenses can be claimed afterwards.
  • All questions about the actual booking should preferably be directed to ATPI directly.
Claiming expenses of an foreign trip
  1. Complete the claims form in the Claims Portal (option Foreign Trip>Claim).
  2. Include all relevant receipts and tickets. Do not fill in costs of travel items that were booked through ad paid for by ATPI.
  3. Original proofs of payment (e.g. train tickets, taxi receipts) should be added to the claim. Scans of originals are not accepted.
  4. Tape originals on A4-paper. Initial and number the supplements (prints on A4 and the A4 with originals taped onto them) So for instance if you have 3 supplements, please initial and number as follows: XYZ 1/3, XYZ 2/3, XYZ 3/3 (see also the instructions on the claims form).
  5. Download, print, and send your claims form and supplements to the address mentioned on the form:
    FSSC - ISP-invoice, AGII-1, Postbus 3, 9700 AA Groningen or
    FSSC - ISP-invoice, AGII-1, Blauwborgje 10, 9747 AC Groningen

Important links

NB! Additional information on Booking your trip and Travel insurance

ATPI - Booking your foreign trip
any work-related flight abroad should be booked with the ATPI travel organisation. Booking your flight with any other company will render your claim inadmissible. See for full information and contact details: Travel and Stay

AIG - Travel insurance
Registration of the travel application form prior to departure is necessary for the RUG travel insurance (AIG) to be valid for that specific trip.

In case of emergency: +31 (0)10-4535656, RUG policy number: 60.11.5101.

In case of claims (theft, loss, damage etc.): please contact: (see the notes on travel claims for tips on filling in the form) . You can also ask any questions you may have using this mail address. Damage/losses and personal assistance and the related costs must be reported promptly, otherwise the employee or student will be liable for these. There is an excess of € 250 for each damage/loss claim. Further information about the AIG Group Plus business travel insurance policy can be found in the General Terms and Conditions.

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