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CLCG Travel Grants

Travel funding

CLCG Travel grants for 2020

CLCG travel grant for staff in 2020 is € 1300,00

CLCG refunds its members conference- and research travels abroad and multiday conferences in the Netherlands (maximum of € 1300,00 in 2020). Costs that may be claimed: travel, local travel to and from airport, accommodation, conference registration. Apart from breakfast and conference dinner, food and drinks are for own expenses. Condition for reimbursement is active participation in a confrence, which means that members give a (poster)presentation. Other conference activites such as panel or discussion leader do not make you eligible for funding.

Conference participation within the Netherlands:

  • Expenses for one-day conferences are considered to be 'travel within the Netherlands' and may be claimed via the cluster coordinator.
  • Expenses for conferences of more than one day may be claimed via CLCG.

Travelling abroad for research or conference

Applying for foreign travel

When travelling abroad please contact the CLCG coordinator Christina Englert ( with the following information:

  1. your destination;
  2. dates of your trip;
  3. reason for travelling (conference visits are only funded if you go as a speaker);
  4. estimated cost.

Do not make arrangements prior to approval of the application. We want to make sure the trip is eligible for CLCG funding, and that you have sufficient budget remaining.


  • It is mandatory to book your flight via the university travel agency VCK. Failing to do so will lead to the claim being dismissed. See: Travel abroad
  • All other components (accommodation, rail, car hire) abroad can be booked by the traveller, these expenses can be claimed afterwards.
  • Please contact VCK for questions concerning the booking: contact

Please visit the website 'Booking a trip' for more detailed information about the procedure and the links to the relevant forms.

For questions you can contact the CLCG coordinator Christina Englert,, or our budget holder Marijke Wubbolts,

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