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Research Center for Language and Cognition About the Institute CLCG support (financial and other)

Reimbursement of Research Participants

CLCG has a budget for financial compensation for research participants of experimental linguistic studies by members of CLCG.

When and how can I apply?

*Applicants are staff members of CLCG.

*the budget is only for the reimbursement of participants in experimental research.

* the research is expected to lead to a publication by the applicant.

* this research has been approved by the relevant research ethics committee (in

most cases CETO).

* there is a maximum amount per year per applicant. In 2018: 700 euro. In 2019: 1000 euros.

*the budget is not intended for second flow or third flow of funds.

*only actual costs are reimbursed.

Application procedure:

* you send an application to containing the file (application form) of the ethics committee (including approval) and an estimate.

You receive a confirmation and information about the maximum amount to be reimbursed by CLCG.

Last modified:17 October 2019 10.41 a.m.