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Climate change and impacts

Melting Arctic sea ice north of Spitsbergen in summer 2019
Melting Arctic sea ice north of Spitsbergen in summer 2019


Within this research theme we examine (polar) climate change and its associated impacts by using state-of-the-art global climate models and earth system models as well as relevant observations. The focus is on understanding the processes and feedbacks that govern climate change that are related to mean changes as well as to climate variability and extremes. Within this theme there is close collaboration with KNMI and other institutes (e.g. Arctic Center, UU/IMAU, WUR). The climate model EC-Earth (depeloped at KNMI) is used to devise dedicated simulations to pinpoint climate change processes and impacts. Moreover, we use climate model ensembles from the CMIP5/CMIP6 initiatives as well as other relevant climate model data. Impacts of climate change addressed within this theme include atmospheric composition and pollution (e.g. mercury), the European energy system, marine biochemistry and productivity (relevant for the global carbon cycle), Arctic birds, and global and regional sea level.

Contact person

Prof. dr. R. (Richard) Bintanja

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