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Laser Spectrometry

Name: Dipayan Paul

The PhD research is focused on the development of a new laser-based technique, Intra-Cavity OptoGalvanic Spectroscopy (ICOGS) for a fast and -hopefully- cheap measurement of radiocarbon concentrations. Murnick and coworkers (2008) showed the first successful demonstration of the ICOGS technique for detecting trace quantities of Carbon-14. This technique takes advantage of the combination of two sensitive detection methods, namely Intra-Cavity Absorption Spectroscopy and Laser OptoGalvanic Spectroscopy. We are developing this technique in collaboration with the Murnick group at Rutgers University, Newark, USA for potential applications in the field of atmospheric 14CO2 monitoring; radiocarbon dating, and monitoring 14CO2 in industrial flue gases. Substantially lower ownership cost, relative to an Accelerator Mass Spectrometer (AMS), combined with the possibility of rapid in-situ detection of 14CO2 in a continuous-flow encourages us to explore this technique for the above-mentioned applications.

Daniel E. Murnick, Ozgur Dogru, and Erhan Ilkmen: Intracavity Optogalvanic Spectroscopy. An Analytical Technique for 14C Analysis with Subattomole Sensitivity Analytical Chemistry (2008) 80, 4820–4824.

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