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Radiocarbon dating and stable isotopes by the Centre for Isotope Research (CIO)

Instructions for sample handling and submission forms can be downloaded from this site. Instructions are available in PDF. We prefer to have your submission in an Excel (xlt) format. If you cannot handle the Excel form the submission forms are still available in both PDF and DOC format. Please contact our secretary.

The samples forms can be mailed to our secretary (

Samples can be submitted to:

Centre for Isotope Research, Groningen University, Nijenborgh 6, 9747 AG Groningen, the Netherlands.

Please include a hard copy of your project information with your samples.

Sample handling instructions

Isotopes format
AMS 14C dating 14C                             PDF
Natural water samples 13C,14C                         PDF
Natural water samples 2H,18O                         PDF
Carbonate samples 13C,14C,18O                   PDF
Biomedical samples 2H,18O (enriched)   forthcoming

The forms are necessary for administrative purposes. For 14C dating, the forms are designed for archaeological/geological use following past international conventions, and have an important archive function. For other applications the archaeological/geological questions are not always relevant and can be ignored. Water samples have their own form, both for 14C and stable isotopes.

Price list (for large orders discount may apply)
stable isotopes isotope price in Euro
water 2 H 25
water 18 O 25
water 13 C (DIC) 50
inorganic solids 13 C + 18O (calcite, dolomite) 35
combustion 13 C + 15N 35
bone collagen preparation charge 100
organic solids 2 H + 18O  pyrolisis                               *

biomedical (enriched)

2 H 50

biomedical (enriched)

18 O 50

biomedical (enriched)

2 H + 18O                                          


biomedical (enriched)

13 C, 15N                                             *
radiocarbon: 14C by AMS
full preparation                                 14C 350                          
water (DIC) 14C 300
CO2 in breakseals                             14C 250
graphite 14C *
targets (ready-to-go) 14C *
bioC determination (solids & liquids) 14C 250
bioC determination (gas) 14C 300
pretreatment by customer                 14C *
small AMS samples (<0.5 mg C) 14C *
aerosols 14C *
tooth enamel                                     14C *

Nota Bene

1. all prices per sample in euro, excluding 21% VAT

2. * consult with laboratory

3. 14C dating includes 13C and 15N

4. radiometric analysis (3H, conventional 14C) is no longer available

5. non-datable bone: charge of 100 euro for collagen preparation

6. isotopic enrichment is not available as a customer service

7. isotope dilution is available; consult with laboratory

8. minimum order charge: 100 euro

9. for extensive extra preparation work due to contamination surcharges may apply

10. for extensive extra administration work surcharges may apply

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