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Delivery periods

For urgent delivery requests or large batches, please contact

Stable isotopes Turnaround time
Carbonate (13C, 18O) 8 weeks
Doubly labeled water (DLW) Please contact our secretariat (
Natural water (2H) 10 weeks
Natural water (18O) 6 weeks
Natural water (13C DIC) 6 weeks *
Radiocarbon (AMS) Turnaround time**
Breakseals (min. length 10-15 cm) 6-8 weeks
Water 14 weeks
BioC determination 8 weeks
Charcoal, wood 14-16 weeks
Carbonate 14-16 weeks
Bone (collagen) 14-16 weeks

* With additional determination of 14C, the period at radiocarbon is valid.

** For small AMS samples (<600μg C) considerably longer processing times apply.

Last modified:02 April 2019 12.04 p.m.