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Turnaround time

For urgent delivery requests or large batches, please contact

Due to the large supply of samples in our lab the turnaround times are longer than usual. Please note that the turnaround times stated below are an estimate and that no rights can be derived.

Stable isotopes Turnaround time
Carbonate (13C, 18O) 8 weeks
Doubly labeled water (DLW) Please contact our secretariat (
Natural water (2H) 8 weeks
Natural water (18O) 8 weeks
Natural water (13C DIC) 8 weeks *
Radiocarbon (AMS) Turnaround time**
Breakseals (min. length 10-15 cm) 6-8 weeks
Water 8 weeks
BioC determination 12 weeks
Charcoal, wood 16-20 weeks
Carbonate 16-20 weeks
Bone (collagen) 16-20 weeks

* With additional determination of 14C, the period at radiocarbon is valid.

** For small AMS samples (<600μg C) considerably longer processing times apply.

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