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Research Biomimetics


We study how organisms evolved to function successfully in their complex environments as inspiration to improve technology and engineering design. Our focus is primarily, but not exclusively, on aquatic and aerial behaviours including feeding, swimming and flight. Informed by our scientific findings, we develop new biomimetic and bioinspired solutions for engineering and societal challenges. Our technological focus is on energy harvesting, energy use efficiency, environmental cleanup and autonomous robotics. To accomplish our research and innovation goals and translate our findings to society, we collaborate with leading scientist, engineers and companies locally, nationally and globally. To engage our students as well as the general public, we offer exciting research experiences, organize national outreach projects and help the international media disseminate our discoveries and innovations >>> read more.


Drones of a Feather | David Lentink | TEDxStanford
How Hummingbirds Hum (collaboration with company Sorama and TU/e)
Spying on animals | Eize Stamhuis
TEDxAmsterdam 2011 | David Lentink
The yellow boxfish is much more agile than it looks
Albatrozz: learning by nature | Eize Stamhuis
PigeonBot Uses Real Feathers to Explore How Birds Fly
Lens of Time: How Hummingbirds Hover | bioGraphic
The Magic of Bird Flight with David Lentink