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Research Bernoulli Institute

FSE research grants for four BI researchers

26 October 2022

Another four researchers of the Bernoulli Institute have been awarded a FSE research grant:

Cristóbal Bertoglio (Computational & Numerical Mathematics) | Inverse problems in closed loop cardiovascular circulation models

Bart Besselink (Systems, Control and Optimization) | Modular control of complex physical systems

Henk van Waarde (Systems, Control and Optimization) | End-to-end guarantees for data-driven control: from experiment design to controller synthesis

Alden Waters (Systems, Control and Optimization) | Identification of space-time structures for Maxwell’s equations

The FSE research grants are available for Assistant Professors in an FSE career path. With the FSE Research Grants, the Faculty Board wishes to express its appreciation for proven high quality research.  
In total eight FSE researchers have been awarded this grant. Earlier this year the first nine FSE research grants were announced, among these there were three researchers from the Bernoulli Institute.
Last modified:31 October 2022 10.53 a.m.

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