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BI researchers in granted NWO XL project "Rational points: new dimensions"

24 August 2022

BI researchers in granted NWO XL project "Rational points: new dimensions"

The consortium "Rational points: new dimensions" (PI Dr. M.J. Bright, Univ. of Leiden), in which Dr. Steffen Muller and Prof. Cecilia Salgado from the Algebra group are members has been awarded an NWO XL grant. These grants are intended for consortia of researchers (at least 2 members) can apply for curiosity-driven, fundamental research in the research fields of the NWO Domain Science. Below you may find a summary of the project.

Congratulations Steffen and Cecilia!

Rational points: new dimensions

Number theory studies whole-number solutions to polynomial equations with whole-number coefficients. Geometrically, these solutions correspond to “rational points” on the geometric objects cut out by these equations. The nine projects described in this proposal open up new avenues for the study of rational points, in three different directions: by extending our knowledge about curves to higher-dimensional objects; by comparing the world of rational numbers to that of modular arithmetic; and by interpolating between whole-number and rational solutions. Applying methods from both algebra and geometry, both qualitative and quantitative results will be obtained, with both theoretical implications and real-world applications.

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