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Research Bernoulli Institute

VIDI for Steffen Muller (Algebra)

27 May 2019
Dr. J.S. Muller
Dr. J.S. Muller

We are happy to announce that Dr. Steffen Muller (Algebra) received a prestigious NWO VIDI grant of 800,000 euro for his project "Global points via locally analytic functions." Dr. Muller is one of the 4 VIDI laureates at the University of Groningen this year, for a highly competitive grant with a success rate of 19%. Congratulations to Dr. Muller!

Abstract: An equation given by a polynomial in two variables with integral coefficients looks simple, but how many rational solutions does it have? This problem has been at the heart of number theory for millenia. The project will develop new methods to understand many of these equations in theory and practice.

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