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Prof. Henk Broer and Prof. Gert Vegter give talks at KNAW Symposium on Jupiter's moons and the shape of the universe

27 February 2019

The KNAW Symposium RHYTHMS AND A-RHYTHMS IN THE SKY (16 April, 19.00-21.15)  will feature two talks by Prof. dr. Henk Broer and Prof. dr. Gert Vegter of the Dynamical Systems, Geometry and Mathematical Physics group at the Bernoulli Institute. This KNAW symposium focuses on Io, Europa, Ganymedes and Callisto, moons dancing around Jupiter. The shape of our universe and the stability of our solar system are also discussed during this evening. The language of the talks is English.
Prof. dr. Henk Broer, A Galilean dance (abstract in Dutch is available here)
Prof. dr. Gert Vegter, Is the Universe flat? (abstract in Dutch is available here)

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