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Research Bernoulli Institute Calendar Colloquia - Computer Science

Extra Colloquium Computer Science, Dr. Laura Fernández Robles

04 March 2016


Friday, March 4rd 2016


Dr. Laura Fernández Robles


5161.0267 (Bernoulliborg)



Title: Content-based image retrieval against child pornography



Security forces seize and store thousands to millions of images and videos of proven cases of child abuse. However, in many occasions there is not an available automatic tool to track and detect evidences among these images and videos. The European project ASASEC (Advisory System Against Sexual Exploitation of Children), aimed at developing an innovative technology solution to improve the current technical means to combat international child pornography. Here I present our work on the usage of artificial vision techniques for the analysis of evidences containing child pornography. In particular, we implemented a solution based on content-based image retrieval of objects, faces and textiles. We also used robust image hashing and video fingerprints techniques to find similar images and videos.        

Colloquium coordinators are Prof.dr. M. Aiello (e-mail : M.Aiello ) and
Prof.dr. M. Biehl (e-mail: M.Biehl )

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