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Research Bernoulli Institute Calendar Colloquia - Computer Science

Colloquium Computer Science, Professor Xiaoyi Jiang (University of Münster)

04 March 2015


Wednesday, March 4th 2015


Prof. Dr. Xiaoyi Jiang
University of Münster


5161.0267 (Bernoulliborg)



Title: Biomedical Imaging: A Computer Vision Perspective  


Acquisition and analysis of biomedical images and videos is of fundamental importance to basic research and practice in biology and medicine. Many computer vision algorithms have been successfully adapted and applied to biomedical imaging applications. However, biomedical computer vision is far beyond being an application field only. Instead, it is a driving force for computer vision research with huge potential for developing novel concepts and algorithms. In this talk this view of biomedical computer vision will be emphasized by considering a variety of biomedical imaging topics and exemplarily discussing challenges and the related concepts and algorithms.

Colloquium coordinators are Prof.dr. M. Aiello (e-mail : M.Aiello ) and
Prof.dr. M. Biehl (e-mail: M.Biehl )

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