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9. BCN Mathematics for neuroscientists


This course will tackle math-related problems that PhD students (in neuroimaging) face in practice and cannot (completely) understand. The goal is to learn/refresh concepts in math such that the attendee can understand equations that for example appear in the article she/he is reading (instead of getting upset and skipping the page/article). In this set of lectures and practicals we will focus on math problems that appear frequently, including equations involved in calculating medication equivalents, the General Linear Model (GLM), finding the minimum of a function, independent component analysis, and filtering. We will teach you some basic tools that are necessary to approach and understand these equations.


Branislava Ćurčić-Blake
Natasha M. Maurits
Remco Renken
Jan-Bernard Marsman
Cris Lanting




8 lectures of 90 minutes and 8 practicals (2-3 hours). There will be an optional lecture on differential equations at the end of the course for keen students.
(Up to 36 hours total)


1.                 Equation solving
2.                 Trigonometry

3.                 Complex numbers and logarithms
4.                 Vectors
5.                 Matrices 1
6.                 Matrices 2
7.                 Differentials
8.                 Integrals



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