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7. BCN Functional Neuroscience: EEG Part

Target Group

Students ( (PhD) students, post-docs) planning to do EEG research. This course is given for Master students of the BCN C-track. BCN PhD students will be given the opportunity to participate as well


3 EC.


Besides treating theoretical backgrounds participants will become acquainted with EEG hard- and software. The last part of the course consists of an introduction into Brain Vision Analyzer, which will allow all students to analyze the data they recorded on the previous days.




Topics for this part of the course are:

  • EEG backgrounds, EEG recording and EEG analysis techniques
  • Clinical applications of EEG
  • Setting-up an ERP experiment
  • Executing an ERP experiment
  • Getting acquainted with the EEG-lab at the NiC and executing first recordings
  • Getting acquainted with Brain Vision Analyzer software (EEG analysis) and analysis of data recorded on previous days


This part of the course contains lectures and a recording and analysis practicum. Attendance is required at all meetings.


After the course, participants will have a basic understanding of theoretical concepts underlying EEG recordings, be acquainted with EEG hard- and software and will be able to analyze EEG data using Brain Vision Analyzer.


There will be a written exam on the last day of the course. The exam will take 2 hours. The examination of the EEG part of the course cannot be taken before the practicum is successfully completed. A passing grade for the EEG part of the course requires that you both satisfactorily complete the assignment(s) during the practicum, and fully participate during all meetings. The exam is considered to be passed if a grade of 6 or higher is achieved.


Luck, S. J. (2005). An introduction to the event-related potential technique. The MIT Press, Cambridge, England. (ISBN 0 262 12277 1). Chapters 1-7.


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