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13. Online courses

Guidelines for Taking Online Courses

list of approved courses

1)       Maximum of 20% of the total ECs you should obtain. (1EC=28 hours).

2)       Only courses can be taken for which the content is not available at GSMS/UG, or if there is a serious time constraint so that the PhD
          student could not take/wait for the offered course at GSMS/UG.

3)       Only courses of master's level or higher will be allowed.

4)       The PhD supervisor needs to approve participation in the online course.

5)       The PhD supervisor needs to provide a short written explanation for:
a)       How the quality of the course conforms to GSMS educational standards (e.g., quality standards of the distributing platform, regular
          university courses that are broadcasted);
b)       Why the student needs to take the online course (e.g., not offered at GSMS/UG, time constraints);
c)       Under exceptional circumstances, if the course is explicitly marked as ‘undergraduate’ level, the supervisor also needs to explain why
          this is appropriate.

6)       The student needs to obtain a proof of participation (i.e., certificate) to be accredited course credit (to be paid similar to regular
          external courses from PhD student's own budget).


Please fill out form from the BCN website and send a copy to BCN.

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