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Co-Create Arctic Research

An initiative to foster co-creating Arctic Research together with Indigenous Rightsholders

Mission statement

  • Fostering equal partnerships between Indigenous research partners/local communities and scientists in (large) research projects
  • Identifying and discussing Indigenous claims/needs for co-design and co-creation of knowledge
  • Perspectives and experiences of (Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers) in collaborative research approaches in different disciplines
  • Turning politics of decolonial Arctic research and ethical guidelines such as IASSA and other Indigenous driven declarations into practice
  • Lobbying at major funding bodies (e.g, EU Commission, national science funds) for funding Indigenous participation and transdisciplinary research. Including/considering Indigenous and local communities into funding calls and funding programs

CO-CREATE: Comprehensive Policy Brief to the EU Commission - A roadmap to decolonial Arctic research

With a Comprehensive Policy Brief as major deliverable, the CO-CREATE project supports the EU Commission in mainstreaming decolonial and collaborative Arctic research undertaken by scientists in equal partnership with Indigenous rightsholders in 1) large-scale projects, 2) calls-for-projects, 3) proposal and project evaluation, 4) implementation of the European Polar Research Program and the European Polar Coordination Office. At the international level, the rights of Indigenous Peoples have been receiving increasing legal recognition. Similarly, EU calls-for-proposals ask now for a 'co-design approach' in research (i.e. Horizon
2020). Arctic researchers are increasingly adopting decolonial research approaches. Yet mainstreaming decolonial research practices and initiatives that support indigenous sovereignty in the Arctic are often still lacking. It is exactly here, where theoretical and methodological ambition connected to the concept of co-creation will help to improve capacity among researchers and EU Commission in their efforts to mainstream decolonial research practices and policies.

Co-creating research projects - some personal experiences from Saami Council and Arctic researchers

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More information

Contact person: Annette Scheepstra

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