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6 May 2019: Lecture Francois Levasseur

Dorset Harpoon Head 3D Morphometric Variability in the Eastern Canadian Arctic and Subarctic

Francois Levasseur investigates Middle Dorset (2300 BP to 1500 BP) local technical knowledge and the flow of ideas between sites from the Canadian regions of Newfoundland, Nunavik, and Nunavut by using 3D scanning technologies to explore morphometric variability in Dorset-era harpoon heads. Past studies of Dorset harpoon head variability have been limited to the comparison of attribute presence or absence, and to the study of overall morphology to determine typological conformity. With the aid of exploratory data analysis, the morphometric data extracted from the 3D models expose patterns of variability which reveal information about uniformity in intra-group manufacture and disclose the nature of cultural transmission processes within the Dorset culture. These results also bear on the nature of variability amongst different regional groups and how individuals create variability whilst following culturally defined technological blueprints.

Francois Levasseur is a master-candidate Arctic archeaology at the Memorial University of Newfoundland.

When: 6 May2019

Time: 19:30 - 21:30

Where: Aweg 30, Groningen - ingang Herman Colleniusstraat

Fee: € 2,00; studenten gratis

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