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30 September 2019: Lecture Eirik Roe

Re-assembling a brief history of High Arctic hunter-gatherer colonization – the Greenlandic Dorset of Peary Land

Climate Around 800 BC the first Pre-Inuit groups that became the Greenlandic Dorset entered Greenland from Canada through the Nares Strait. The ephemeral archaeological record of Dorset people in the northernmost region of Greenland is a remarkable example of a brief colonisation of Arctic hunter-gatherers. The collections of artefacts from this period are predominantly remains of their mobile toolkits. These collections are today stored at museums in both Greenland and Denmark. In this lecture, I will talk about what we can learn about the Greenlandic Dorset through these, as well as about what it means to research museum collections from the Arctic. Arctic Centre’s PhD researcher Eirik Roe explores regional and diachronic variations in Pre-Inuit social organisation and adaptation during the Early Dorset period of Greenland (800 BC – 1 AD), through inter-regional technological analysis of remaining lithic toolkits. The Early Dorset was one of the few Arctic cultures that achieved a ‘circum-Greenlandic’ colonisation.

When: 30 september 2019

Time: 19:30-21:30h

Where: Aweg 30, Groningen – entrance Herman Colleniusstraat

Fee: € 2,00; studenta € 1,00; minor students free

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