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Upcoming PhD defences

05 March 2021
  • PhD ceremony: Mr J.P.R. (Jack) Dury
  • Thesis: Dealing with radiocarbon reservoir effects in human and faunal skeletal remains
  • When: March 18, 2021
  • Start: 14:30
  • Supervisors: prof. dr. P.D. (Peter) Jordan, prof. dr. G. Eriksson

This thesis demonstrates how archaeologists should interpret radiocarbon dates from aquatic samples, avoiding erroneously old age estimates. Through careful sample selection, considering complicated carbon source mixing, measuring the scale and variability of reservoir effects within a single ecosystem and using prior knowledge about a sample's age, the dating of aquatic material can be greatly improved. This thesis also details a novel method of dating teeth, reducing uncertainty. With aquatic resources being vital for human populations and across the globe and for millennia, the ability to interpret aquatic radiocarbon dates is incredibly important.

  • PhD ceremony: Mr E.H. (Eirik) Roe
  • When: April 29, 2021
  • Thesis: Assembling Arctic Lifeways - A relational approach to lithic assemblages from the Greenlandic Dorset period
  • Start: 12:45
  • Supervisors: prof. dr. P.D. (Peter) Jordan, prof. dr. B. Gronnow
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