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Research Arctic Centre Collaboration Dutch collaboration Willem Barentsz Polar Institute Information for participants

Information letter 21-02-2020

Send out to participants on 21-02-2020

8 April 2020: preparation workshop

During this day we hope to see as many of you as possible. We try to make it possible for participants to join in via skype during the discussions in subgroups, although of course it will work best if you can be present in person. We will provide lunch.

Venue: Arctic Centre, Aweg 30 in Groningen:

Time: 11:00 till 15:00

Goal of the SEES day

  1. To streamline cooperation in the sub-groups
  2. To streamline cooperation between the sub-groups
  3. To further outline the goals, expectations and possibilities of the expedition
  4. To outline the schedule and planning for the analysis of data after the expedition


The research is divided in the following subgroups (projects can cover more than one subgroup):

  • Archaeology
  • Vegetation
  • Ice/permafrost
  • Lakes
  • arine
  • ocial
  • ollution
  • irds/mammals
  • DNA/biodiversity

Research in Svalbard database (RiS)

It is mandatory to register your personal SEES research project in the Research in Svalbard portal: . Please register your project before our meeting in April. Permits will also go via this portal, the governor (Sysselmann) will decide who will need a permit. In RiS, start your project name with Your project will receive a RiS code. After registration, please send your code to seespits .

Personal Information File (PIF)

You will receive an invitation from Oceanwide Expeditions by email to fill in your Personal Information Form (PIF). This email will contain a personal link to an online form from Oceanwide Expeditions. It is mandatory to fill in all the required information. You need for instance fill in your passport number, but also your medical details.

Research equipment needed for your research

It will be possible to transport your research equipment to Spitsbergen and back on-board of the mv Ortelius. We will also make a simple lab on-board for those who need to process their samples straight away. Attached you will find a short questionnaire about the kind of research equipment you want to use for your research. Please fill this in and send it back before April the 3rd. For more information about this transport, see:

Additional funding needed?

To support the scientific goals of the expedition there are some opportunities for extra support. See questionnaire for more information.


NWO is ordering expedition jackets that will be loaned to all SEES participants for duration of the trip. They would like to know which sizes to order, so please send an email with your preferred size before the 1st of March to Renno Hokwerda r.hokwerda .

Renting boots

It is possible to rent warm boots from Oceanwide Expeditions. You can indicate this and fill in your size in your PIF. The boots will be handed out on-board mv Ortelius.

Cabins on-board mv Ortelius

We have booked 4 quadruple cabins, the rest are twin cabins (mostly porthole). We will make a preliminary cabin assignment available on April 8th. You have to book your own flights and possible extra accommodation before and after the cruise.


One of the aims of our expedition is to inform the public about (your) polar research. We encourage therefor all ways of communicating and disseminating your work. In doing so:

  • Mention the sponsors of the expedition – see for names and logos
  • Inform us about all publications and outreach activities so we can keep track of everything and publish this on our website
  • Read the background information about our expedition on this website
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