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Research Arctic Centre Collaboration Dutch collaboration Willem Barentsz Polar Institute Information for participants

Information for participants

Important dates and deadlines

1 March Deadline for sending your size for our expedition jackets to Renno Hokwerda:
3 April Registration of research proposal in RiS
3 April Registration for SEES day on 8th of April – sending an email to seespits
3 April Deadline for sending in questionnaire regarding research equipment and additional funding
8 April SEES-information day at Arctic Centre Groningen: Cancelled due to Corona Crisis
1 May Sending your final list with information needed for transport research equipment from NL on board Ortelius
13 or 15 May Bringing your equuipment (to be transported to Spitsbergen) to Wageningen Marine Research in Yerseke. Make an appointment with Martine van den Heuvel martine.vandenheuvel-greve
1 June Deadline for sending in PIF (will be send to you in a personal email)
1 June Deadline for sending in permit-forms for your research via Research in Svalbard ( RiS )
3 August Around 16h boarding Ortelius in Longyearbyen
12 August Around 9h disembarking Ortelius in Longyearbyen
12 August 11-15h SEES seminar at UNIS, Longyearbyen

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