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About us Faculty of Law Organization Departments Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and Public Administration

About the department

The Department of Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and Public Administration (SBB) comprises a dedicated team of over 50 staff members, including PhD candidates, lecturers, researchers and professors.  Our primary focus lies in the domains of constitutional law, administrative law, public administration and sociology of law, where we actively engage in both teaching and research.

We offer comprehensive educational programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Specifically, we provide courses in the Bachelor's degree program of Laws, the Master's degree program of Constitutional and Public Administration Law, and the Master of Law and  Public Administration. We emphasise the importance of equipping students with a profound understanding of our field of law, while also enabling them to grasp the broader societal implications of legal practices. Moreover, we emphasize the interconnectedness between our field and other areas of law, such as administrative criminal law, government and private law, as well as the impact of Europeanization and internationalization on national constitutional and administrative law.

At our department, we adopt a multidisciplinary approach in our research and teaching. We have a strong focus on classical legal-dogmatic research and teaching, but we merge the legal perspective with insights from social sciences. We often explore the practical functioning of law by posing questions such as: How does law operate in real-world scenarios? By incorporating this social science perspective, we foster a comprehensive understanding of the intricate relationship between law and society.

Overall, the Department of Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, and Public Administration (SBB) is committed to delivering high-quality education and conducting impactful research that not only delves into the theoretical foundations of law but also sheds light on its practical application in the world we inhabit.

Board of the department

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