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Research Ethics Review Committee (CETOR)

The subcommittee of the CWB, the Research Ethics Review Committee (CETOR), is responsible for all procedures relating to research with human participants, data management and compliance with research privacy rules. The working method is laid down in the regulations.

The CETOR consists of the following members:

Dr. M. Althoff
Dr. B. Brink
M. Goldberg (secr.)
Prof. mr. dr. A.R. Mackor (chair)
Prof. dr. G.P. Mifsud Bonnici
Dr. E.V. Moyakine
Drs. G.J. Ritsema van Eck
Prof. dr. mr. M.J.F van der Wol
Y.Hasnaoui (adv. student member)
J.A.J. Nijhuis (adv. student member)

When doing research with human participants (f.i. interviews, surveys, observations) a researcher is obliged to conform to a number of ethical rules. These rules are drawn up to protect the rights of participants and are part of the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity.

The most important ethical rules for research with human participants are:

  1. complete information
  2. written consent
  3. debriefing and
  4. confidentiality

Researchers should submit their research design to the Research Ethics Review Committee (CETOR). This committee assesses whether the ethical rules for conducting research with persons are being complied with and issues the 'ethical clearance'.
Besides, the implementation of the research is checked against the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.

For more information about the CETOR you can contact the Secretary of the CETOR, Maarten Goldberg.

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