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Martina Althoff

Martina Althoff is an associate professor of criminology at the department of criminal law and criminology. Focus of her research is the political and social reactions to crime and violence. More specific, social unrest and faith about criminal law and crime, public opinion and media discourses on crime and criminal justice, societal effects of the criminal justice system as well as the tension between law in the books and law in action are the topics of her research.

M ethodological issues and theoretical perspectives in Criminology are central in her research. Here, Martina is specialized in qualitative empirical research including discourse-, framing and content analyses, case studies and interviews.

Recent Publications:

M. Althoff, B. Dollinger & H. Schmidt (eds.) Conflicting Narratives of Crime and Punishment, Palgrave 2020 (forthcoming). M. Althoff, A-M. Slotboom & J. Janssen: Genderneutrality and the Prevention and Treatment of Violence – A Dutch Perspective. Women & Criminal Justice, (published online 11 Sep 2019).

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