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About GELR

Groningen Centre for Empirical Legal Research (GELR)

The Centre supports research and education on empirical legal research.

GELR researchers use quantitative and qualitative methods to analyze the underlying assumptions of the law, the way in which the law is applied, and the impact of the law and the legal system in the real world. Our work generates rich and robust empirical data about law in society, we develop better theories to analyse these data and we use these findings to make a valuable contribution to the lawmaking process and to legal practice.

The Centre is a national and international centre of expertise. It serves as a public platform to showcase the latest empirical publications from the Faculty of Law and it operates a helpdesk for all members of the faculty who are interested in conducting empirical legal research.

The Groningen Centre for Empirical Legal Research (GELR) receives funding from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) through the Law Sector Plan.

Through sector plans, the Netherlands invests in innovative scientific research and academic talent. The Law Sector Plan incorporates several legal research themes. The Faculty of Law at the University of Groningen focuses on expanding and advancing two themes: Empirical Legal Studies and Rethinking Public Interests in Private Relationships.

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