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Externally Funded Projects

Synergy grant Australian National Health and Medical Research Council – tobacco endgame law program; ‘INTER – net’

The Interdisciplinary Tobacco Endgame Research Network: project running over five years, aimed at producing in 2027 of a tobacco endgame implementation plan (project led by Prof Coral Gartner, University of Queensland, Australia). GCHL’s contribution consists of setting up a global scientific network on tobacco control; 2022.

How a one-health concept can be implemented in the field of public health nutrition

Participation in project led by Prof Antje Risius (Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen) funded by the German BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) involving an inter- and transdisciplinary - systemic - approach to the question of how a one-health concept can be implemented in the field of public health nutrition, taking into account planetary boundaries; 2023-2027.

Wetsevauatie Wet medisch-wetenschappelijk onderzoek met mensen (WMO)

Participation in the evaluation of the Dutch Medical Research Involving Humans Act (WMO); project leader is Erasmus School of Health, Policy and Management, 2022-2023.


Collaborative Doctoral Partnership (CDP), European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC), project concerning oral child health (together with Prof David Manton from UMCG), 2021-2025.

World Health Organization (WHO)

Natalie Abrokwa, assistance in the finalization of the WHO Good Practice Guidance on Community-based Mental Health Services - Agreement for Performance of Work in the Policy, Law and Human Rights unit (PLR) of the Department of Mental Health and Substance Use, 2021-2024.

Meaghan Beyer and Prof. Brigit Toebes, developing a human rights based framework for the protection of mothers and infants from the marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes (BMS), 2021.

Government of Japan

Research grant, Prof Tokuko Munesue (Waseda University, Japan), international comparative research concerning a human rights assessment of health policy, visit Groningen during academic year of 2021-2022.

NWO Rubicon grant

Dr. Lucía Berro Pizzarossa, former PhD candidate, project ' Revolutionary pills? the emergence of a new model for (self-managed) abortion laws', 2019 - envisaged visit to O'Neill Institute, Georgetwon University, Washington, 2021-2022.

Netherlands Lung Foundation (and four other health funds)

Prof. Brigit Toebes, Michelle Bruijn and dr. Katerina Tsampi, Novel smoke-free policies to protect children as part of a tobacco endgame: assessing international and local experiences to generate transferable lessons for the Netherlands, for project page see here, 2019-2021.

NWO visitor grant - 2018

Prof. Brigit Toebes was awarded a visitor grant for a research stay of Prof. Scott Burris. The project is titled 'Developing the justice programme of the Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health'.

Erasmus+ teaching/training mobility grant- 2018

Erasmus+ teaching/training mobility grant with Mzumbe University, Tanzania.

Global Drug Development: Investigating the impact of Ethics and Legitimacy on the Regulatory Decision Making Process - 2016

Research grant of the Medicines Evaluation Board of the Netherlands for the project Global Drug Development: Investigating the impact of Ethics and Legitimacy on the Regulatory Decision Making Process. Granted to dr. Marie Elske Gispen together with M. Duwell, B. McGonigle-Leyh (Utrecht University) and Prof. Brigit Toebes.

KWF - The rights of children to a tobacco free environment – 2015-2018

Project funded by the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF). In 2015, Prof. Brigit Toebes was granted funds for the appointment of a postdoc (dr. Marie Elske Gispen) investigating the rights of children to a tobacco-free environment and setting up a European Scientific Network on Law and Tobacco (ESNLT).

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