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Class schedule and exam schedule


The schedule of both the lectures and the examinations can be found in theSchedule Generator.Please be aware:the examination times are subject to change. Always check the Schedule Generator for the latest information.

- Schedule online -
Block 1 and 2 – 1 August at the latest
Block 3 and 4 – 2 January at the latest

Examination schedule for the entire academic year

Pleasecheckthe examination schedule of the entire academic year(without examination venues and times). --> will be published asap. You can check the schedule generator for the (draft)exam dates block 1 en 2.

Please be aware that it is possible to have exams on Friday evenings and Saturdays.

Schedule changes

Please check the schedule generator for any schedule changes. The changes will be marked in red with the message ‘CHANGE’.

Synchronize the schedule with your own calendar

There are two ways to import your schedule into your own calendar. The 1stoption will not automatically adjust any schedule changes in your calendar; the 2ndoption will.

1. You can use iCal (this is a function of theSchedule Generatorwhich appears after you have selected your courses) to save your timetable as an iCal file which can be imported in your own calendar. This is a snapshot, so schedule changes will not be automatically adjusted.

2. You can copy the iCal-link and save it in your Google calendar. The schedule changes will then be automatically adjusted in your Google calendar.

For more information, please take a look at themanual.

Create your schedule

You can generate a schedule by using one of the options ‘Courses’, ‘Programmes’, or ‘Groups’.

- Groups–
This option only provides for complete schedules per working group for first year LLB students (semester 1).

- Programmes –
This option allows you to select a programme (and your year) so you can find all (optional) compulsory courses of your programme in that year in the schedule.

- Courses –
This option offers all courses separately. You can create a list of multiple courses by using the button ‘multi-select’.

The options ‘Courses’ and ‘Programmes’ can be combined. By clicking the selected courses and/or programmes, you can click the course units that are applicable to you. This is useful for courses with multiple working groups for instance. Be careful though that sometimes a working group consists of various parts (e.g. part A and part B, where both parts should be taken).

Last update: 21-7-2023

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