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Vici grants for three UG researchers
Date:15 March 2022

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has awarded three Vici grants, worth €1.5 million each, to three UG researchers. Prof. J.W Romeijn, Prof. S. Hoekstra, Prof. K.I. Caputi can use this money to develop an innovative line of research and to set up their own research groups for a period of five years.

Two UG researchers join The Young Academy
Date:09 December 2021

In 2022, UG researchers Dr Else Starkenburg and Prof. Lisa Herzog will join the Young Academy. Dr Marie-José van Tol has been appointed as new chair.

Lisa Herzog elected as new member of the Young Academy
Date:09 December 2021

Professor of Political Philosophy Lisa Herzog has been elected as member of De Jonge Akademie (DJA) of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). The Faculty of Philosophy is delighted with this news.

Schader Prize awarded to Lisa Herzog for groundbreaking work
Date:07 December 2021

The Schader Prize 2022 has been awarded to Professor Herzog for her groundbreaking work on the philosophy of markets, on theories of justice and on economic ethics.

Prize for Andreas Schmidt for article on Ethics, Leadership, and Public Policy
Date:19 November 2021

Andreas Schmidt has won the second prize of a paper competition held by the Elizabeth D. Rockwell Center on Ethics and Leadership at the Hobby School of Public Affairs at the University of Houston.

Bachelor Filosofie Groningen: Topopleiding
Date:16 November 2021

De Groningse bacheloropleiding Filosofie kreeg opnieuw het label Topopleiding toegekend in de Keuzegids Universiteiten 2022.

Jeanne Peijnenburg's portrait in Senate Chamber
Date:05 November 2021

A portrait of our emeritus professor of Theoretical Philosophy Jeanne Peijnenburg was recently added to the gallery of professors in the Senate Chamber of the University of Groningen.

Charlotte Knowles wins 2020 Robert Papazian Essay Prize
Date:28 September 2021

The 2020 Robert Papazian Essay Prize has been awarded to Charlotte Knowles for her essay ‘Articulating Understanding: A Phenomenological Approach to Testimony on Gendered Violence’.

Lisa Herzog receives Ammodo Science Award 2021
Date:16 September 2021

Professor of Polticial Philosophy Lisa Herzog has received the Ammodo Science Award for fundamental research 2021 on 14 September 2021.

Blowing holes in economic ideologies
Date:13 September 2021

Earlier this year, political philosopher and UG lecturer Lisa Herzog was awarded the Ammodo Science Award. In concrete terms, this translates into a sum of €300,000 for the purposes of fundamental research. So, what will this ambitious philosopher do now? Well, among other things, she will hire a postdoc to take over part of her teaching, so she can finally sink her teeth into a new research project.

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