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Leon Verstappen awarded a royal decoration during anniversary conference
Date:12 January 2024

Leon Verstappen (Meijel, 1965), Professor of Notary Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Groningen, was surprised with a royal decoration in the category Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau on Friday 12 January. During the anniversary conference in the Akerk, which marked his 25th year of service, he was awarded the royal decoration by Koen Schuiling, Mayor of the Municipality of Groningen.

Clashing human rights: how far can demonstrators go?
Date:05 December 2023

Blocking motorways, protesting against abortion, and waving torches outside a politician’s home. The right to demonstrate is of great importance, but sometimes causes friction with other human rights. For her PhD research, Noor Swart is looking into the Dutch right to demonstrate and comparing it to other European countries. ‘In the Netherlands there is little room to infringe on the right to demonstrate on the basis of other fundamental rights, such as the right to privacy.’

Invitation to join the 'Applied AI' community
Date:23 November 2023

The remarkable progress in artificial intelligence (AI) is transcending boundaries and finding invaluable applications across diverse academic disciplines. Recognizing the transformative potential of AI, we are proud to introduce the new theme, 'Applied AI,' at the Jantina Tammes School.

Liekuut | Drastically revise the disaster and emergency law before the next crisis
Date:28 August 2023

Adriaan J. Wierenga, emergency law specialist, argues in favour of a thorough revision and simplification of the national emergency law before the next crisis arrives. Proper legislation could save lives.

Right to a healthy mouth
Date:20 June 2023

Dominique Mollet, PhD candidate in Health Law, wants to bring more attention to oral health through legal research. She is working with the Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health, among others.

Ben Feringa Impact Award 2023 awarded to George Azzopardi and Guru Swaroop Bennabhaktula
Date:26 May 2023

George Azzopardi and Guru Swaroop Bennabhaktula from the Faculty of Science and Engineering have won the Ben Feringa Impact Award 2023 for their project ‘4NSEEK; Forensic Against Sexual Exploitation of Children’. In the ‘students’ category, Nine van den Wijngaard of the Faculty of Law was the clear victor.

European grant for research on informal economies
Date:29 November 2022

Dr Francesco Giumelli, associate professor of International Relations and International Organizations at the Faculty of Arts, and Dr Pim Geelhoed, associate professor of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure at the Faculty of Law, are participating in an international research project on informal economies that was recently awarded a European grant of €3.8 million. The project funds 15 PhD students, two of whom are appointed at the University of Groningen: one in the Faculty of Arts and one in the Faculty of Law.

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