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European grant for research on informal economies
Date:29 November 2022

Dr Francesco Giumelli, associate professor of International Relations and International Organizations at the Faculty of Arts, and Dr Pim Geelhoed, associate professor of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure at the Faculty of Law, are participating in an international research project on informal economies that was recently awarded a European grant of €3.8 million. The project funds 15 PhD students, two of whom are appointed at the University of Groningen: one in the Faculty of Arts and one in the Faculty of Law.

Michele Molè receives YAG-SER grant for interdisciplinary research project ‘Panoptiwork’
Date:24 November 2022

PhD candidate Michele Molè received a grant from the UG incentive fund for interdisciplinary research for his project Panoptiwork - The Human and the Digital at Work .

Michel Vols benoemd tot lid Sociaal-Wetenschappelijke Raad KNAW
Date:21 November 2022

Het bestuur van de Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen (KNAW) heeft hoogleraar openbare-orderecht Michel Vols benoemd tot lid van de Sociaal-Wetenschappelijke Raad (SWR)

Jamie Behrendt wins Sustainable Society PhD Grant 2022
Date:10 November 2022

PhD researcher Jamie Behrendt is one of the winners of the Sustainable Society PhD Grants 2022, awarded by the University of Groningen.

Studenten Recht en Bestuur adviseren Tweede Kamer over Wet bescherming klokkenluiders
Date:07 October 2022

Hoogleraar Rechtssociologie Marc Hertogh nam op 6 oktober deel aan een rondetafelgesprek met de vaste commissie Binnenlandse Zaken om te praten over de wijziging van de Wet Huis voor klokkenluiders.

The use of artificial intelligence in war
Date:04 October 2022

AI-based or AI-enabled weapons are not the futuristic robots that you might know too well if you are a sci-fi fan, such as the ones you might have seen in The Terminator. But the risks linked to the use of AI in war can still cause widespread damage and have profound ethical, legal, and socio-political implications.

New Technology Law and Innovation LLM programme offered by the Faculty
Date:04 October 2022

In this one-year LLM programme, students will think creatively and learn from our leading researchers in the field of technology law.

Jamie Behrendt develops website on micro electricity grids in the European Union
Date:03 October 2022

PhD researcher Jamie Behrendt has created a unique website that provides a map of existing and developing microgrids in Europe.

New Law Faculty building named after Bernard Röling
Date:16 September 2022

The new building of the Faculty of Law at Oude Boteringestraat 18 will be named: The Röling Building, named after Prof Bernard Röling.

Prof. Brigit Toebes wins CISDL Legal Specialist Award 2022
Date:18 August 2022

Through their knowledge, professional skills and insights, recipients of the CISDL International Legal Specialist Awards demonstrate a serious, significant longstanding commitment to advancing peace, justice and sustainable development in the world.

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