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Plenty of room for improvement of the turnaround time for the criminal justice supply chain
Date:30 June 2020

For criminal justice enforcement, a seamless and effective exchange of information between the Public Prosecution Service, the police and the court is essential. However, the independent position of these criminal justice organizations and their different, sometimes contradictory, performance objectives sometimes obstruct their alignment. Business expert Aline Seepma analysed supply chain management within Dutch criminal law. She concludes that there are still many unused opportunities to improve planning, turnaround time and capacity. Seepma will be awarded a PhD by the University of Groningen on 2 July.

Martini Hospital and the UG are working together on innovative application for planning ‘1.5-metre care’ for outpatients
Date:19 May 2020

When establishing the provision of regular healthcare, the most important starting point is to guarantee patient safety. Martini Hospital wants to help as many patients as possible – but the hospital and waiting rooms should not become too crowded. Martini Hospital and the University of Groningen (UG) are therefore working together to develop an innovative application for planning ‘1.5-metre care’ for outpatients. Justin Drupsteen, Integral Capacity Manager at Martini Hospital: ‘Due to the 1.5-metre regulation, the number of patients permitted in a waiting room at any given moment may have to be reduced by as much as 75%. To be able to serve patients as well as possible, we will have to introduce a completely new way of organizing our outpatient clinics and diagnostic processes such as X-rays and echocardiograms.’

Leidinggeven in coronatijd: doe mee aan het onderzoek
Date:21 April 2020

Op dit moment ervaren veel mensen veranderingen in hun werk. Welke impact heeft de coronacrisis op jouw werkomgeving? En op leiders en hun verantwoordelijkheden? Onderzoekers van expertisecentrum In the LEAD van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen en vakblad MT zijn benieuwd naar je mening.

Five percent increase in municipal residential taxes for home owners
Date:06 April 2020

Households that own their own home paid 776 euros to the municipality on average this year, which is 5.0 percent more than last year. 295 euros of this amount covers the immovable property tax (ozb), 283 euros are paid for waste collection levy, and 199 euros for sewerage charges. This is the conclusion in the Atlas van de Lokale Lasten 2020 [Atlas of Local Levies], presented by the Centre for Research on Local Government Economics [Centrum voor Onderzoek van de Economie van de Lagere Overheden (COELO).

Topeconomen van de RUG bespreken gevolgen van coronacrisis
Date:27 March 2020

Een panel van zes economen en marketeers van de Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen bespreekt in een actuele 'podcast' op YouTube de gevolgen van het coronavirus voor de Nederlandse en Europese economie, de internationale handel en het consumentengedrag.

Under His Thumb: The Effect of President Donald Trump’s Twitter Messages on the US Stock Market
Date:12 March 2020

Does president Trump’s use of Twitter affect financial markets? The president frequently mentions companies in his tweets and, as such, tries to gain leverage over their behavior. In an open access study in PLOS ONE, Heleen Brans and Bert Scholtens (University of Groningen) analyze the effect of president Trump’s Twitter messages that specifically mention a company name on its stock market returns. They investigate a period of two years in which the president tweeted about one hundred times with the explicit mention of a company name.

GGDC co-leads major international project: tools for poverty reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa
Date:12 March 2020

The UK’s Department for International Development has awarded a large-scale multi-year research grant to a consortium of renowned researchers, with the GGDC as one of the core partners.

Mini libraries are more successful than they seem
Date:18 February 2020

Mini libraries filled with free, second-hand books sometimes seem a bit lonely, lost in the no man’s land between good intentions and uselessness. But nothing could be further from the truth, explains PhD student Anouk Schippers.

Laurens Sloot holds new chair of Entrepreneurship in Retailing
Date:11 February 2020

As from 1 February, the Faculty of Economics and Business appointed Laurens Sloot as Professor by special appointment of Entrepreneurship in Retailing. Sloot will focus on the success factors of independent entrepreneurs and on the consequences of the increasing digitization of retailing. The new chair was established at the request of Stichting Lokaal Retail Ondernemerschap (LRO; the foundation of local retail entrepreneurship) for a period of five years.

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