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New blog on Data Autonomy: Take back control of research communication, embrace Mastodon

14 september 2023

Lately, the social media landscape has undergone significant shifts. This has led academic institutions and others to reassess their presence on X, previously called Twitter.

Babette Knauer
Babette Knauer

In this blog, Babette Knauer explores why academics and their institutions should consider a transition from Twitter to Mastodon to support open principles and avoid relying on centralised, commercial platforms where users lack control and data autonomy. Moving to self-managed, non-commercial platforms could foster a more inclusive and academically enriching environment for scholars and universities, while at the same time putting them in control of their content and data.

Babette Knauer is team leader Communications of the University Groningen Library.

Roadmap to Data Autonomy

The CIT has started the discussion to investigate the possibilities of how the University of Groningen can gain more autonomy over its data in the future. Together with various representatives from across the University, we are working on a roadmap to promote data autonomy and a strategy that will enable the UG to respect, protect and promote academic freedom in the digital age.

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