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Arts activities at Zpannend Zernike

07 September 2023

On the afternoon of saturday 30 September, researchers from the Faculty of Arts will participate in Zpannend Zernike: the Groningen science festival for young and old. Join us in the Academy Building and Forum Groningen between 12 and 5 ‘o clock, and learn more about science by taking part in scientific tests and experiments.

Zpannend Zernike
Zpannend Zernike

Zpannend Zernike at the Academy Building

In the Academy Building, visitors can unravel the secrets of the human skeleton alongside archaeologists from the Groningen Institute for Archaeology. They can embark on a language adventure and discover new words, or challenge their brains with puzzles. Our researchers in Middle Eastern Studies can teach them to write their name in Arabic. Young readers can visit the children's book doctor Lieke, who prescribes customized reading recipes with funny books to train your funny bone, soothing stories to heal your wounds, or thick books as brain food. And, of course, the researchers from the Speech Lab will park their mobile laboratory on the Academy Square again. Here, you can see how your tongue moves when you speak, let an app guess where you come from based on your dialect, and participate in a fun experiment.

Zpannend Zernike in Forum Groningen

Can you really learn a foreign language from the comfort of your couch by watching your favorite TV series? In Forum Groningen, researchers from the Faculty of Arts will answer this question. They will introduce you to eye-tracking, a technology that records eye movements and reveals which information the brain processes while watching TV. Are you ready to learn a new language? Come by and discover how this can be done in an enjoyable way!

About Zpannend Zernike

On Saturday, 30 September and Sunday, 1 October you can discover and learn more about Groningen science with Zpannend Zernike. Activities will be organized at various locations in Groningen's city center on Saturday, and at the Zernike Campus on Sunday. The website Zpannend Zernike lists all locations and activities. Admission is free everywhere. Zpannend Zernike is a collaboration of the University of Groningen, Hanzehogeschool Groningen, the UMCG, EnTranCe, TNO, ZAP, DOT, and De Jonge Onderzoekers.

EU Researchers Night

On Friday, 29 September, the EU Researchers Night will be organized across Europe to celebrate science. In Groningen, the four interdisciplinary schools of the UG are organizing the EU Researchers Night. This event takes place in Forum Groningen.

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