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Results of 2023 University elections

15 May 2023

The votes have been counted and the results of the University elections are in!

Elections were held for the UG University Council, faculty councils and employee councils. All parties campaigned at University buildings once again by handing out flyers and chatting with students. This shows that many students and staff are ready to shape the participation next year.


For almost all councils, the turnout rate was higher than in 2022 (students) and 2021 (employees). Among students, 7467 out of 33,847 students cast a vote for the University Council. A turnout of 22.06% (20.55% in 2022). Among employees, 3067 out of 8003 employees cast a vote for the University Council. A turnout of 38.32% (37.67% in 2021).

The University Council

The University Council is the consultative participation body of the UG, consisting of 24 seats. One half of the Council comprises UG staff members and the other half are student members. As from 1 September 2022, the distribution of seats will be as follows:

Student faction

  • SOG: 5 seats (1 less than 2022)

  • Lijst Calimero: 5 seats ( 1 more than 2022)

  • De Vrije Student: 2 seats (equal to 2022)

Personnel Faction

  • Personnelfaction: 9 seats (1 more than 2021)
  • Science Faction: 2 seats (2 less than 2021)
  • Quality First: 1 seat (new party)

Full results

Check out the full results of the 2023 University elections, including the elections for the various faculty councils.

More information

For more information about the elections, visit

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