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NWO Take-off grant for Marc van der Maarel and Mariska van der Hoek

21 December 2022

Professor Marc van der Maarel (ENTEG) and Mariska van der Hoek have received a Take-off grant by the Dutch Research Council (NWO). It concerns a Take-off phase 1 feasibility grant of EUR 40,000. This enables Van der Maarel and Van der Hoek to conduct a feasibility study for their research project on the application of the glycogen of the microalga Galdieria in skin care products.

The Take-off financing instrument is aimed at stimulating and supporting scientific activity and entrepreneurship. With this funding, researchers can carry out a feasibility study into setting up a company based on a research finding.


Galdieria glycogen in skin care products

The start-up in formation modAlgae evolves around the sustainable production and commercialization of Galdieria glycogen. Galdieria microalgae turn biodiesel glycerol or milk sugars into large amounts of glycogen. The first market for Galdieria glycogen is the cosmetic sector, facing a governmental push and consumer pull towards sustainable and natural products. The functional and structural properties of the Galdieria glycogen point at an added value in skin care formulations. Van der Maarel and Van der Hoek will use the Take-off grant for a claim-support study and cost price evaluation to evaluate the market potential of Galdieria glycogen and whether or not found modAlgae BV.

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