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Heeres partner in HORIZON EUROPE-RIA consortium NewWave

Building a sustainable & circular economy through innovative, bio-based manufacturing lines
05 September 2022

The NewWave project will build a circular economy by adapting four manufacturing lines to substitute traditional fossil-based materials with bio-based resources that are sustainable, nontoxic and fully recyclable. The four manufacturing lines are polyols and polyurethane, hydroxymethyl furfural and derivatives, engineered wood panels and modified wood. The individual manufacturing lines, as well as the integrated value chain, will be assessed in detail on technical, economic, social and environmental performance to ensure the production is truly sustainable.

Prof. dr. Erik Heeres of ENTEG, professor in Green Chemical Reaction Engineering, is partner in this consortium that will receive approximately €5 million via Horizon Europe-RIA. Heeres receives 400k€ to contribute to the development of efficient catalytic routes for hydroxymethyl furfural and phenols from selected biobased feeds.

Partners: B.T.G. Biomass technology group BV (Coordinator; the Netherlands), Aep Polymers Srl (Italy); Foresa Technologies S.L. (Spain); Avecom (Belgium); Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (The Netherlands); InnoRenew CoE (Slovenia); Blue Synergy Sl (Spain); Transfurans Chemicals Bvba (Belgium); Foreco Dalfsen BV (the Netherlands); Eta – Energia, Trasporti, Agricoltura Srl (Italy); Ava Biochem Bsl Ag (Switzerland)

For more information about the project:

Last modified:20 September 2022 2.37 p.m.

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